As a member of the board of the World Organization of Jews from Iraq, Cynthia wrote an op-ed piece in The New York Times and was interviewed by NPR and Reuters about the importance of keeping the Iraqi-Jewish archives — over 2,700 books and tens of thousands of documents — discovered by U.S. soldiers searching for weapons of mass destruction in the flooded basement of Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters in the United States. She has also been interviewed by Fox 5 NY and Tablet Magazine about her book, her life as a child refugee and outlook that the world must show more compassion and understanding for the plight of all refugees including those fleeing the Middle East and other war-torn regions. In addition, she has been quoted in the Jewish Exponent and The Times of Israel about the 2015 PBS documentary “The Jewish Journey: America” in which she was interviewed.

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Keep the Iraqi Jews’ Legacy Safe — in America

Cynthia wrote this New York Times op-ed to advocate for keeping the Iraqi-Jewish archives, rescued and preserved by conservationists from the National Archives where they currently remain, in the United States despite an agreement by former President George W. Bush's administration to return them to Iraq. The materials in the archives date from as far back as 1540 to as recently as the 1970s and include a Babylonian Talmud, hand-illustrated prayer books, Kabbalist commentaries, personal and business correspondence and a bible from 1568.

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Tug-of-war erupts over planned return of Jewish archives to Iraq

Cynthia was also quoted in this Reuters article about the controversy over the Iraqi-Jewish archives.

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Girlhood, Interrupted

Cynthia was interviewed by Tablet magazine about her book, her personal experiences as an Iraqi refugee and her perspective on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Iraq's Exiled Jews Fight To Keep Memorabilia

Cynthia was interviewed on NPR's "Here and Now" about the controversial fate of the Iraqi-Jewish archives

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Iraqi Jew describes escape from persecution

Cynthia was interviewed by Fox 5 NY about her hopes of teaching through sharing her life story. Fox 5 described her as a "prime candidate to discuss immigration policy".


Documentary Explores 350 Years of Jewish Immigration to America

Cynthia was quoted in The Jewish Exponent about the 2015 PBS documentary "The Jewish Journey: America" in which she was interviewed.

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For Jews, an odyssey out of the frying pan and into America’s melting pot

Cynthia was also quoted in The Times of Israel about the PBS documentary "The Jewish Journey: America"